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Passover Emporium

Passover: April 9-10, 2020
1st Seder Wednesday night, April 8, 2020

Shmura Matzah

Bedkiat Hametz Kit


Kosher Wine

Bartenura Malvasia: $12.99

Haggadahs & Books

Family Haggadah:
$33.48/set of 8

Seder Plates

Gold and White
Classic Seder Set: $135.00

Matzah Plates
& Seder Accessories

Embroidered Matzah Cover: $84.99

Passover for Children

Soft Seder Set: $29.95

Elijah, Miriam & 4 Cups

Stained Glass Miriam Cup: $55.00

Sterling Silver

Italian Seder Plate: $1,425.00